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Why should you consider partnering with us?

Customer Relationship System

Our integrated CRM helps keep your customer information safe and organized. Our system will integrate with our leads and marketing system making it easier for you see more clients

Marketing Solutions

Having enough people to see is the difference between making it in the industry and truly succeeding in the industry.  Ask us how we can help you succeed.

Product and Sales Training

Whether you need a simple refresher or complete product training, we have a platform that not only teaches you about the product, but teaches you how to sell it.

Case Design and Management

We work with you to provide the best solution and presentation for your client.  Our case management team will help build the solution and then track the case until it is issued.

Underwriting Support Team

Are you not sure where to take that client with those pesky health issues?  We have a team of underwriters that can help you get that case placed, without alienating your client.

Integrated Back Office Solution

Our back office is your back office.  We scrub your applications, track their progress through underwriting and enter the client information into your CRM for future contact.

Agent Tools

Quoting Tools

Side by Side carrier quotes for Life Insurance, Medicare, and Annuities.

Expedited Issue

Our experienced back office helps get your cases issued faster, resulting in happier clients and bigger paychecks